Roof Garden

・ Roof Terraces
・ Living Walls
・ Window Boxes, Planters
・ Interior Landscaping 
(offices, hotels)
・ LED Growing Lights

With the limitation of space that often accompanies living in central London, finding or creating a private green area can be an extremely difficult task. Roof gardens or terraces are a perfect solution, and we are happy to help our customers create or recreate their own.

Four Seasons Gardens also provides interior landscaping services, in particular for hotels and office spaces. This service involves the design and arrangement of plants and other ornamental features within enclosed areas in order to emphasize, soften or alter its angles, planes and horizons, thereby reshaping the space while improving its aesthetic and accentuating its standout features.

Similar to our garden landscaping service, our landscapers help our clients to make informed design choices when planning out interior spaces.

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